Sunday, January 20, 2013

[Tech] Update

When we first started this project I was determined to have this game made using a custom created "engine" and asset pipeline- seeing as how I've spent the last 3-4 years studying how to build engines and games in general.

However, I've come to recognize that this is not the time for me to impose such a rough working environment for the artists that are on the team (myself included).
So. I came to the conclusion that we should choose a different environment and actually an entirely different game engine than the one I've built in my spare time.

I chose UDK.

This is not the only engine I looked at, I also looked at using Unity, but ultimately decided that UDK would fit much better into the kind of game and work we're seeking to do.
Don't get me wrong- Unity is a completely fine game development suite and is excellent for a lot of things, I feel however that UDK has a nicer range of features that we could definitely make good use of right now.

Keep in mind that there isn't months or even weeks worth of work that will go to waste, following this change of plans- we're actually still in the preproduction phase here.
So cool your jets before assuming that half a game is going to waste! :-)

(Replaced the post from yesterday with a little nicer one.)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Tech] First...

This is the first "tech" post on this blog and usually these posts are for just mentioning what's happening with the game and such things or for explaining the technology "behind the scenes".

We started this project a few weeks ago and so far we've got the game to include a very basic player that gets to walk around the little test level we've got setup and we've also got split-screen rendering working for the local co-op support that we aim to include.

There's a ton more things that is happening but I'll save that for later when I can show off some screenshots to help illustrate what I'm talking about.

Friday, October 26, 2012

[Game design] Classes

Just a super short post telling you that we have planned to have 4 base classes in the game.

They are: Fighter, Bandit, Magician, Ranger.

Pretty classic fantasy game classes, eh? Don't worry, we got some things that will mix it up ;) And no, this won't be a holy trinity / tank and spank game :D

[ART] artdump 2

So, here's artdump 2. Monsters, characters, environments, weapons. All the good stuff :)

we're still in early exploration mode, meaning we haven't really set anything in stone (almost ;))

Hope you enjoy and until next time! :D